Resignation Letter Sample

Mr. Laban Mardoff                                                                                          May 21st, 2013
Chief Executive Office
Lanterns Enterprises
876 Main Street
New York, NY 2376

Dear Mr Mardoff,

I am writing to formally inform you of my resignation from my current job title as a Human Resource Manager with Lanterns Enterprises. My final day of work will be June 12 in compliance with my employment contract. My reason for departure is in light of a new employment contract that I signed with Lubricant Enterprises in Wisconsin. My resignation is equally in tandem with allowing me adequate time for preparation for my new job assignment in one month’s time.

During the course of the past ten years, I have highly enjoyed my tenure at Lantern Enterprises which has been mutually beneficial for all the employees. I wish to express my deep gratitude for the trust and confidence in service that you bestowed upon me during my tenure at the company. I equally express my appreciation for your excellent counsel and leadership which has been exemplary during my tenure at Lanterns Enterprises. I am highly appreciative of the immense skills I have gained in administration, leadership and communication from your organization, which will be of immense value in my future endeavors.

I consider myself highly fortunate in being employed at Lanterns Enterprises and I have grown to appreciate the essence of placing the customers’ interest first in a highly competitive business environment. To this end, kindly acknowledge this letter of resignation and I will do my best to ensure the completion of pending projects and a smooth hand over. I wish you and the company growth and success in the future.


Wilson Mcbride

Human Resource Manager