Example of a Blog Post: First Online Shop

Verified Tutorial for Setting Up Our First Online Shop

Nowadays, business trade has “migrated” to the internet. So setting up a website for your business is a necessary tool for making it more attractive and making your products more available for people.

You should know that opening an online shop is not like running a Blogger blog. It requires detailed planning and guided installation. However, this is not impossible to do by your own forces. For any inspired person wishing to build an online business, this guide will be useful!

Where to Start

Before you start searching in Google for information about website building, it is crucial to spend time on generating an idea. You need to answer such questions as, What type of goods or services will you be selling? How many competitors are presented in this niche? and How will your website interface look?

There are many important issues to consider. It is also necessary to build a brand name on the first stage of your business development. If you already have your company logo and name, you can buy the domain name as the first step to building your website. Also, if you are interested in working online, you may set up online profile such as with a Google account that includes email creation and using Google Docs and Google Analytics for monitoring website traffic. A YouTube account is also a useful tool for advertising your shop, products and services via video.

How to Register a Domain

Registering a domain name is not a difficult task. However, it is very important in the whole setting process. Spend a lot of time thinking about your domain, because once it is purchased, it will be yours for approximately one year. Personally, I recommend purchasing your domain name through NameAgent. Their service accounts allow you to set up your own portfolio and create different domain names. In addition, their search instrument is very fast and shows accurate results.

Selecting Your Web Hosting Service

Speaking about hosting, it is more difficult than choosing a domain. First, you need to consider the internal programming language with which your online service will be built, and it is extremely important to choose the right server options. In case you have no preference for a programming language, I advise you to choose PHP. Any hosting will support your MySQL and PHP databases. Companies like Hostmonster and EasyHost propose great solutions for pioneers, where approximate an cost will be $100 annually for unlimited usage.

Choosing your E-Commerce Solution

There is one main variant for choosing to build an online store. Hosted solutions are service companies that give you everything you need from the ground up and host your e-commerce script on their servers. This is good if you are not knowledgeable about programming or file uploads. Moreover, hosted solutions are good when you want to minimize security risks of losing your money. A vast variety of hosted services can offer great experiences to you and your customers with little work on your end. In addition, the management tool panel is simplified so you can upload photos and add products with no previous knowledge of programming.

There are many choices and we will propose the best one to you. Check out Shopgifi for your shop and watch this great service in action. Additionally, you can try out some of the beautiful demos. Shopgifi is the best option, as this option includes unlimited server bandwidth, a personal app store, SSL security, custom mobile templates and so much more. In addition, this service includes much more user customization than others. For instance, you may choose among millions of themes to use for your online shop. If you are knowledgeable about CSS or HTML, you may edit entire designs online. Shopgifi also offers 24/7 live chat support, and the price ranges from very cheap to expensive. I would advise you to us Shopgifi, if you are looking for a full package staff for your online shop launch.

Profit Online

Credit card payments are the most popular and verified methods of receiving profits online. It is evident that credit cards bring simple solutions for you and your customers. Ordinary payment providers will connect to your shop with a merchant account. Consequently, you will be able to receive constant payments through credit cards when your customers make a purchase. When establishing your merchant account, you should try connecting to your local bank. If this is not possible, try a third-party merchant account provider, as they help transfer money from clients to your bank account.

The next step is choosing a gateway. This means you need a company that safely transmits customer information into your merchant account.
After you have successfully created a merchant account, you must choose a gateway. These are companies which securely transfer the data your customers input into your merchant account. Also, many banks can provide a gateway.

Adding Content

After building your website structure, you may now review your product pages and edit them, if you see their proportions are incorrect. Also, you need to fill your pages. If you want to begin developing your business, it is vitally important to write content for your site. Moreover, visitors will be interested in reading about your company and products you sell. For instance, you may start with a privacy policy page and fill in information concerning data security.

Promotion Time!

Unfortunately, nobody will be able to find your website without some form of promotion. Let’s go back to Google Analytics now. With their help, you will identify your trafficked pages and the highest referring sites. If you feel that expert marketing strategy would give you some good results, you should cooperate with some famous publishing agencies like Google, Yahoo or Microsoft. Once they provide you with some successful marketing promotions, your traffic data will rise and you will achieve success for sure!


With the help of this guide, you may learn about how to create your first online store. It is not an easy task, but if you try this several times, things will be easier to complete. The directions described here are from a substantial variety of opportunities offered for e-commerce.