Business Email Example: Software

Handle business in your powerful hands with the right software!

To: Will Smith
CC: Martin King
Subject: Handle business in your powerful hands with the right software!

Dear Will Smith,

We suppose that you have a business, and an objective that you want to come true. In today’s complex world you need to manage the functions of sales, marketing, procurement, advertising, and training departments. This is too much for one person to handle, even for the most hard-working person. However, with the right choice of small business software, you will have all departments function in one package.

What is software for small businesses?

Programs for Small Business is a helpful tool in the operation of daily business activities, keeping records of money transfers, or accounting, and much more. The software products must be really easy to use and understand. Whatever your small business is, you will eventually realize that as your company grows, you will need to be open to new developments in software that provide more functionality if needed.

We are a company that develops custom software solutions for medium and small businesses. We specializing in software product development, and as we want our product to be sold, it must be easy to use, and it has to work perfectly.

If you are organizing a new business, or already have a developed company, you can hire our services to get software that perfectly suits your business requirements. Moreover, you can select our existing software, but getting the new products is always more productive if you want your programs customized to suit you.

Think for a minute and decide whether you want your company to adapt to existing software, or to have the software written exclusively for your company. The best part in getting a Complete Business Software Solution is that you do not need to pay any annual fees and you receive a Free Software Warranty as well.

With our advanced services, you can:

– Leverage the functions of your departments in marketing and advertising with the help of our multilevel marketing program;
– With the help of our fast and flexible advertising software program, you can drive your sales through adaptation to any advertising mode you chose to use to promote your product;
– With advanced software solutions you can see at a glance who are your best performers and reward them;
– If you need to communicate within your departments, or with clients, use our simple software for mass e-mail groups and newsletters;
– Learn the power of social media through our software and establish your brand on internet;
– With our convenient software, you can control your business, and use the flexibility and power of programs to reach the most complicated objectives.
– We can help your firm to gain more profits by providing online visibility via a website, or with advertisements. With our help, you can receive payments from your clients online, via your website, or without it.

Our software team proposes Website Designing, Software Development Services, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We also offer Full Software Solutions, which may contain Website Designing, or Custom Software Development. We write Software Development Services for Android, Macintosh, Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and other systems. Additional services that we include are Domain Registration, online website or social network accounts promotion, and Web Hosting.

Contact us now, and get a free quote for brand new business software for your company. Moreover, we can “pump” your existing software, or add some new interesting features, using the latest technologies. You are always welcome to visit our Brooklyn based office in Hoyt Street, New York, USA to discuss your software needs and wants, or just for coffee. Do not hesitate and seize the opportunity to get the best software solutions for your small business right now!

Best regards,
Martin King.