Marketing Plan Sample for Frozen Yogurts Delight

I. Executive Summary

Frozen Yogurts Delight produces and sells frozen yogurt and curd deserts with different flavors and fillings. The company has three cafes located in the Sunnyvale city of XYZ.

The marketing plan addresses the following major attributes:

  • Growing need to increase highly rated business
  • Increasing market share
  • Segment-wise in depth analysis to gain competitor’s business
  • Channel-wise in depth analysis to gain competitor’s business
  • Laying down processes to ensure customers are satisfied

Product Mission: To make and sell the finest quality natural frozen yogurt and curd

II. Situation Analysis

A. Market Summary

The overall age demographics of the population of Sunnyvale break down as follows:

  • 8% over 65
  • 15% between 45 and 64
  • 32% between 25 and 44
  • 22% between 18 and 24
  • 23% of the population is under 18

B. SWOT Analysis


  • Prestigious, established and successful branding
  • High quality image and high quality products


  • Lack of experienced management team to fuel growth and turn around flat sales


  • Produce fat-free and dairy-free ice cream
  • Offering franchising
  • HFC-free freezers that are ecologically harmless


  • Major competitor such as Robbin Scobbin
  • Prices of milk are rising

C. Competition

Frozen Yogurts Delight has minimal direct competitors in the XYZ area, where it commands more
than 60% of the market share. The other 40% of the market share is dominated by 3-4 local brands that use chemical additions referred to as “powder-based yogurt”.

D. Services/Products

Frozen Yogurts Delight sells only premium freshly made frozen yogurt. Frozen yogurt is a natural and wholesome dairy or non-dairy product. It has a different taste, texture and health benefits than ice cream and gelato. Customers can enjoy desserts in the shop’s relaxing atmosphere or take it to their office or home.

E. Keys to Success

Frozen Yogurts Delight keys to success will include:

1. Producing and selling the highest level of quality product line;
2. Maintaining and growing relationships with clients to generate sales;
3. Creating new product offerings that will differentiate us from competitors and increase popularity.

III. Marketing Plan Strategy

A. Target Market

We are focusing on two age groups with different needs, within the Sunnyvale population: 18-24 year olds and families – young adults (25-35) with children under 13.

The frozen desserts market is expected to grow by over 15% each year through 2015.

B. Marketing Activities Plan

Product: The new opportunity includes customers being able to choose their own flavors of frozen yogurt through self-serve (original tart, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mango, peach, pomegranate, raspberry, blueberry and many more) and then choose their own toppings (over 50 toppings offered daily).

Price: Develop and implement a loyalty program for regular customers. Organize Family Days on Saturdays offering special prices for family packs. During the week, organize price drops for different types of frozen yogurt.

Place: Expand our network with carts on a franchising basis around the city: in parks, beaches, lakes and events.

Promotion: First, develop a social media-based marketing campaign to improve customer awareness and product popularity. This will include free samples and deep discounts with coupons and social media contests. Second, to reach the families more effectively, we plan to sponsor events and help out with local schools and after-school activities. Such plans include sponsoring a baseball school team; offering regular thematic events; and giving coupons and promotional information to school activity centers and events.

IV. Sales Forecasts

First Year Sales of $350,000
$50,000 sales in first quarter
$75,000 sales in second quarter
$100,000 sales in third quarter
$125,000 sales in fourth quarter