Anne Frank’s Way of Dealing with Problems at the Annex

The Diary of Anne Frank contains events of a typical girl’s life, such as interactions with friends and family. However, it also illustrates how they lived their lives during World War II and the dreary experience they had to deal with during the war. From a normal life to a life that has no assurance and security, it is her character of remaining optimistic and introspective throughout their stay in the Annex that made her cope with the situation.

During that time, anti-Jewish decrees followed each other in succession. The restrictions to Jews included driving, going out after eight o’clock, going to places of entertainment, taking part in public sports, and many more restrictions of a similar kind. But through all these persecutions which continued to get worse day after day, Anne Frank still saw the best out of their tedious situation, as she said, “the whole world has turned upside down. But I’m alive, and that’s the most important thing” (Carreos).

Food shortage had become a difficult matter during their stay in the Secret Annex because they had limited time and access to stores and shops. They came to a point where they had nothing else to eat but one particular dish or kind of vegetable, and they had to eat potatoes at every meal due to the bread shortage. But Anne still appreciated the fact that she was still alive and enjoyed even their poor meals (Carreos).

With all the difficulties that arose during the war, it would be normal for a person to worry and complain. But unexpectedly, Anne Frank still managed to appreciate and enjoy the limited things they had. That’s what makes her different from others during their time in the Annex.

The story of Anne’s life teaches us that, although we can not control what is happening around us, there may be difficulties and hardships, but we can control how we respond to these happenings. We can see the good in every situation, stay positive, and appreciate what we have to handle every difficult situation we may face in our lives.

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