What Would I Do if Zombies Attacked Me?

If a zombie attacked me, my innate reserves of energy would allow me to run fast and retreat from the situation. My personal will, which is stronger than any obstacle I can face, would guide me past these vile creatures.

My younger brother’s life too would be at risk, as I spend a lot of time with him and in quiet places where a zombie is likely to appear. I love taking my brother to the garden away from our house whenever I have the opportunity, as he is usually stuck inside our home most of the time due to his infantile age.

If a zombie appears at that moment when we are in the garden, I would protect my brother’s life with my own since I love him so much. I would grab him tightly and run screaming at the top of my voice to our house. I would ensure, too, as I run, that nothing would hurt him. The zombie is likely to run fast behind and maybe reappear in front of us whenever we run (Ibarra, 2006). My determination to save my brother’s life would wipe away the fears of being subdued by the monstrous creature. The thriller movies involving zombies would be a reality to me, but I would not tire until my mission was accomplished: bringing safety to my brother.

If the zombies kept appearing in front of me regardless of the route I took, I would face it with wrath and attack it vigorously. I would employ all the trash around me, the sticks, stones, and anything within my proximity that would be of use in that instant to stagger the zombie’s offensive. The soil would be helpful, as I could throw it in the zombie’s eyes. I could then run away to a place where it could not find my brother and I.

I would find a way to distract it so I could hide my brother somewhere within our garden and try to chase it away. It would involve a lot of courage, but if my conscience would help me find a way to do so, it would be much easier and less tedious to tend to the zombie if I distracted it (Ibarra 2006). Either way, even with an opportunity, I would not run away and leave my helpless brother in the hideout. I would make sure I only leave with my brother when the zombie has left the vicinity or I have chased the zombie away.

If my efforts were done in vain and the zombie turned out to be more clever than I thought, I would then sit on the ground and grab my brother’s body, keeping him close to me, and await our fate (Ibarra 2006). I would most likely begin to say prayers and wish that God will bring us to heaven, where the pain of early existence will not be present.

I believe I am strong and unshaken by dangerous circumstances. In all probability, I would escape the zombie and bring my brother and I to a secure environment.


Ibarra, B. (2006). Down the road: A zombie horror story. United States: Permuted Press.