What Makes People Happy?

What Sort of Material Objects Make Most People Happy, and Why?

People feel happy with the objects they have if they contain a sentimental or practical value. Buying someone a gift will make a person happy and change their mood. Let us examine what objects can cause a person to become happy, whether it is through the act of giving or receiving.

The gift of money can be seen as a source of happiness for some. The loss of money can be a sad affair for people of all ages. With enough money, you can go on a holiday and enjoy a splendid time with your family. Money is the most loved material object; most people work the greater parts of their lives to earn money. Having money provides a sense of security. With money, a person can get out of a risky situation like curing a sickness without having insurance. An individual that has money can take advantage of a profitable investment opportunity in the stock market and make more money.

Most people can be made happy by either owning or seeing an automobile. Children and teenagers often become joyful whenever they see a fancy car. From our childhood, we play with toy cars, and we derive happiness from this activity. Other than being a symbol of wealth, most people love cars because of the convenience it brings to the lives of car owners.

Living in a comfortable and suitable environment makes individuals happy as well. Most people dream of owning a beautiful home. They work hard to build a home and some even take out mortgage loans to buy or construct a home. For most people, a home is a getaway from stressful workplaces and other tremulous environments.

Although these material goods alone cannot provide you with a completely happy life, these extraneous objects can supply us with a sense of security, though at times false.

Though true happiness is not obtained from collecting material wealth and simply giving away objects to others, these acts can give an individual a level of happiness that may expand in its full form later through personal inner transformation.


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